The Creative Brief Template PDF for Graphic Designers and UX Designers

Perspective shifts will unlock more than smartness will.
— Astro Teller, Google X guru

The underpinning of being a better designer is about generating better ideas by thinking differently than you did before. Which is why I like writing about my design decisions throughout my design process.

Something interesting happens to your brain when you write. It forces you to think differently about your design choices and makes you connect the dots in ways you wouldn't have before. It also points out holes in your design approach that your instinctual/visual side would not necessarily see.

Below are some creative brief elements I use to get started at the beginning of my projects.

Elements of a creative brief

  1. North star statement

Write a statement that captures the heart of your product's idea, something that can help guide any decision to be made.

Example: Local Credit Union app puts a feeling of empowerment in people’s hearts every time they interact with it.

2. Goal statement

On a high level, describe your what product is/what you want it to achieve. 

Example: To create an easy to use banking app that rewards users for regularly managing their finance and help them meet long term financial goals.

3. Tone of voice

Describe the tone of the language that this product would use, if it could speak.

Example: The Local Credit Union's brand promise is about empowering people to do the things they want to do here in the community, so the tone of the app should be one that is down to earth, familiar, and friendly.

4. Audience

Who is your product for?

Example: Community members who work here in Local Town, USA, that are part of a “people helping people” mindset.

5. Business Objectives

How will success be measured?


  • Lifetime Value: Provide users with long term tools to manage finances

  • User Experience: Make sure the UX is easy to use, not overwhelming and drives decision making for long term success.

6. Additional market and consumer insights

Is there anything else about the product or experience that might influence the design choices?


  • More than half of new bank accounts opened in person are influenced by digital elements.

  • Mobile banking rates are expected to triple in 2020


Download the creative brief template PDF below so you always have it handy when you start a project.