Free Portfolio Prep Course

This free 5 day e-course sets you up for success! Learn to build a portfolio that is based on job winning strategies and helps you avoid common mistakes.

Topics incude

  • Why the most important part of your portfolio isn’t your portfolio

  • What you need to understand about a potential employer

  • What most people get wrong when making a portfolio 

  • Presenting your work

  • Why you need to visualize your soft skills in your portfolio

  • SEO optimization tips so you can get found!

Portfolio Builder Course 

Build an insights driven portfolio that combines strategy with the power of Squarespace. This online class includes video tutorials, workbooks, and examples of how to tell the right story to your prospective employers so you can get the design job you deserve.

Free “Unique Value Proposition for designers” course

Learn about your client's Unique Value Proposition and why understanding it is the difference between being a strategic designer or someone who is just good at their design craft.