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Learn to use your client’s Unique Value Proposition to drive strategic design decisions!


Understanding what makes your client unique to the world is an absolutely critical first step to making awesome design work.

This simple (but often overlooked) task is critical to understand if you want to create the right strategic insights for your design work. Sign up for this free class that helps you understand your client's Unique Value Proposition and it how to use to drive your design decisions.

What you will learn

  • How to think more strategically about your design choices

  • How to start the right design conversations with your clients and colleagues

  • How to understand your client's strategic position the right way so you can turn it into design direction

How it works

  • Sign up for the class

  • Check your email- that is where the class will be taking place!

  • Learn about your client's Unique Value Proposition and its impact on your design choices

  • Start thinking differently about your design work today


Be the designer who nails the design and delivers value

Feel and be confident because you know are approaching your design decisions the right way. Sign up for this free 6 day e-course now!

"Sounds cool...what’s at stake if I don’t do this?"

Good question–glad you asked. If you don't do this, you will most definitely risk:

  • Not being seen as growing in value to your employer or client

  • Uncontrollable boredom. The struggle is real!

  • Career stagnation - It is hard to move forward if you don’t start thinking about the big picture differently

  • Your design work may keep missing the mark


“When Chris introduced me to the Unique Value Proposition, my job as a designer gained a whole new dimension. Making it part of my design process allows me to up-level the strategic value I bring to every project — for my team, for the end user, and ultimately, for our clients’ businesses." 

- Katy

“I didn’t know what made my product unique and really had to think about why people would even be interested in this. I think it’s so easy to jump into a project and it’s like: “Shampoo! Cool! Let’s make it pretty because shampoo should make you feel pretty.” Thinking about how to differentiate the product is one thing, but following the UVP list stopped me from making up some BS feature that isn’t actually unique.”

- Presley


I mentioned it's free, right?

Seriously, what are you waiting for? The lunar calendar? A sign from the sky? Just get this free thing and rock out!